Dutch Concept Group sells his venture EasyRit.nl

Janka van Emden - 01 November 2018
After four years of developing EasyRit NOBEARS sells ther digital subscription venture EasyRit.nl

Dutch Concept Group (now NOBEARS Group) bougt the venture in 2014 from the company Leonard B2B as an existing Application for car drivers who wants to easy note ther milages administration. Dutch Concept Group turned the whole application into a subscription model with SaaS administration website and full automatic App that follows the drivers route more automaticlly. Tirato (now NOBEARS) builded the applications and fill in the marketing grow. After the first seven months 9.5 times the usual annual turnover was achieved, millions of miles are being processed and a lot of new customers are signing in.

NOBEARS sold the company EasyRit to a private investor.